Collide with Me

USA TODAY Bestselling Author Claudia Burgoa ends this emotional, funny at times series with a romance where opposites attract, and being different leads to falling in love.

I love routine. Schedules. Stability.

And I’m about to travel across the country with an actual chicken and the one man who I would schedule a root canal to avoid.

How did this happen? Let me back up. 

My mom had one final request of me before she died: to spread her ashes around the country while I completed her bucket list. 

It won’t be easy, but I want to honor her wishes. However, I need some help (and I absolutely hate that).

I don’t have a license – or a car – and I need someone to drive who won’t mind my mom’s chicken, Hennifer Aniston, on board. My options have been narrowed to one person: Hutch Aldridge-Sanders. 

I have no interest in hanging out with the spontaneous, easy-going bad-boy of New York. But he’s my only hope. 

I’m dreading being in a car with Hutch’s free spirit for a couple of weeks. Throw in the chicken, and this is bound to be a disaster. 

Except that I forgot that opposites don’t just attract—they make sparks fly.


Collide With Me is a sexy and steamy romance. It’s the last book of the Baker’s Creek Billionaire Brothers. Enjoy this small-town romance where being different means your pieces fit just right and coming back home means a new beginning.


The Baker's Creek Billionaire Series