Winter Valley Series

Holiday With You

USA TODAY Bestselling authors Claudia Burgoa and Grahame Claire bring you an enchanting holiday romance that’s sweet and full of light.

Audrey’s boss gave her one objective—head to the small town of Winter Valley, and acquire that bed and breakfast the company has had their eye on forever. A big sale like this could change her career . . . and she’s the only one who could convince the owner to make the deal.

On her way, she crashes into the truck of sexy, unavailable, single Dad Colin Bradford. The repairs won’t be done until Christmas Eve, so she’s stuck in Winter Valley until her car is fixed.

There’s something magical about being in a small town at Christmas. Life is slower than her hectic job in the city. She finds herself falling for Winter Valley . . . and for Colin.

Though acquiring that bed and breakfast is much harder than she planned . . .

Amidst all the hot chocolate, snowflakes, and silent nights, Audrey has a choice to make. Could Colin end up being her Christmas miracle?

Home With You

An imaginary hedgehog fairy made me famous.
A blizzard made me fall in love.

When I was a kid I used to doodle pictures of my best friend.
Well, my best imaginary friend: Harley the Hedgehog Fairy.
Turns out that making up stories about her catapulted me into children’s book stardom.

Now I’m living my dream and working from home.
I’d rather spend my time creating stories than face the real world.
Except, my agent has other plans.
He’s booked me on a signing tour across the country.
Six weeks outside of my comfort zone.

I thought that was painful – until I saw Morgan Bradford entering a bookstore holding the hand of a little girl.
He told me he didn’t want commitment.
But I guess he didn’t want commitment with me.
After five painful minutes, I see him off and hope we never cross paths again.

I’m not that lucky.
A blizzard, a car accident and a concussion send me back to Winter Valley…
And under Morgan’s care.
Maybe I am that lucky.

Here With You

USA TODAY Bestselling authors Claudia Burgoa and Grahame Claire bring you an enchanting Best Friend’s Little Sister holiday romance filled with sarcasm, love, and mistletoes.

I finally landed my dream job.
No one told me my childhood crush came with it.
Theo Foster, my brother’s best friend. The famous billionaire playboy, race car driver, and my long-time frenemy.
Now I’m forced to see him every day.
And that childhood crush…
It hasn’t gone anywhere.
Lucky for me, Theo Foster isn’t one to stick around and he’ll be out of Winter Valley in no time.
If only he’d stop being all flirty with me.
He isn’t supposed to be all swoony and romantic.
And I’m not supposed to flirt back.
But a few caresses and kisses shouldn’t matter.
Or do they?