Requiem For Love Duet

Reminders of Her

From USA Today bestselling author Claudia Burgoa comes an achingly poignant tale—an exquisite Why Choose? An MMF polyamorous romance told partially in epistolary-style that promises a rollercoaster of emotions, bringing together love, loss, and the unabating pull of the past.

This wasn’t the typical boy meets girl story.
In our case, it was extraordinary: a boy met a girl and another boy.
And he fell madly in love with both.

Greyson was a gifted musician whose songs soothed even the most shattered souls.
Aerin was a ballerina, exuding an elegance that could steal your breath away.

They weren’t just my loves.
They were my reason to breathe—my world.

Until a tragedy broke us into a thousand pieces.

Now, years later, I’m left haunted by Greyson’s melodies and the fragmented echoes of our shared past.

Just as I’m learning to breathe again, our history is flung into the public eye.
An agonizingly intimate memoir has surfaced, putting our past on full display.
I find myself drawn to Greyson, desperate to shield him from reminders of her.

As we navigate the stinging wounds of our history, we’re on a mission to find the person who ripped the bandages of our past.

Is there a chance this could lead us to something more—a way to fill the void left by her absence?
Because finding her is impossible… isn’t it?

This novel will leave you gasping, aching, and craving for more.

USA Today bestselling author Claudia Burgoa brings us The Symphony of us, the compelling conclusion to the Requiem for Love duet. A poignant exploration of a second chance at love, Why Choose? Relationships are as exhilarating and everlasting as a melody of the past.

Love is like a drug: dangerously intoxicating and addictively powerful.
As a recovering addict, I know this too well.
But how can I do it when Sanford and Aerin, my first loves—my unforgettable heartbreak—are back?
Not only are they back, but Sanford insists Aerin needs us.
He wants us to help her as we melt the shattered fragments of our hearts and become one—three hearts, one love.
I should resist them.
I understand the dangerous allure they—and love—have over me.
I can’t risk falling back into old habits, having them become my everything once again.
My love for them was my downfall, and the aftermath nearly destroyed me.
But she needs us.
And the symphony of us has begun to play its second movement.
Will it be a requiem of our past or a triumphant anthem of love rediscovered and bonds reaffirmed?