paradise bay billionaire brothers series

From USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR Baker’s Creek Billionaire Brothers series comes a brand-new fun and hilarious and at times angsty billionaire contemporary romance saga! Two sisters, six brothers and eight incredible romances.

My Favorite Night

USA TODAY Bestselling Author Claudia Burgoa pens a romantic novella that’s smart, sexy, and funny enough to make you fall for the playboy.

It’s a girl’s weekend.
My last hurray before starting a new job.
A well-deserved break after working my behind for twelve years.
The plan is to drink all-around wine country, nothing more.
That’s until our last stop, Paradise Bay.

The winery has everything a woman wants.
Wine, and a tall enigmatic man in the tasting room.
Maybe he wasn’t part of the plan, but…
What if I enjoy him for one night?

This is a free short story, a taste to Paradise Bay Billionaire that will keep you wanting all eight stories.

Faking the Game

From USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR Claudia Burgoa comes this page-turner fake-relationship-office romance that’ll leave readers laughing and swooning.

What happens when the guy who’s afraid of love finds himself in it?
Know what they say about never mixing business with pleasure? I thought it was dumb.
The one about never sleeping with your boss?
I ignored it, too.
I blame Aslan Spearman, the boss.
He’s a wealthy playboy who doesn’t believe in happily ever after.
He’s demanding, a workaholic, and a cynical…jerk.
He’d rather have a root canal than be in a romantic relationship.
Do you want to know a secret? I think he’s afraid of love.
So when he has to go to the Spearman family reunion in Hawaii with his girlfriend, he’s in big trouble.
That’s what happens when you lie to your family about your relationship status.
It wasn’t important—until now.
What does he do?
He comes to me, his VP of Operations and right hand for assistance.
After all, I’m a problem solver.
Except my personal life is complete chaos.
So we make a deal. I’ll be his girlfriend if he helps me solve my problems.
It’s a win-win situation, right?

Can't Help Love

USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR Claudia Burgoa continues a romantic series in a second chance enemies-to-lovers story that’ll leave readers laughing and swooning!

They’ll get their second chance at love… if they don’t kill each other first!
If I ever cross paths with Gatsby Spearman I might just push him from the tallest building in San Francisco.
Saying that I don’t like him is an understatement—I hate him.
The prick ghosted me in college, stole the program we created to start a company—oh and I failed a class because of him.
Do I want revenge?
I created an infallible five-step plan to make him pay for what he did to me.
Destroy his company.
Hire him out of pity.
Make him fall in love with me.
Rip out his heart.
Ghost him while he’s crying from a broken heart.

Simple, right?
Except, I didn’t take into consideration the old college chemistry which is rearing its ugly head, and bringing us closer together despite everything we do to fight it.
I want vengeance, all he wants is to flirt.
Dates, make up for old time sake.
Though, I don’t plan on falling for his antiques.
I’ll play this to win.
Let the games begin.

Along Came You

From USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR Claudia Burgoa comes this billionaire workplace accidental pregnancy romance that’ll leave readers laughing and swooning!

What happens when you break the cardinal rule?
I’m good at following rules.
Like, don’t sleep with your hot employees. That’s a good rule.
At least I was until that night. I blame the champagne and the tuxedo he wore.

There are several reasons why I shouldn’t be attracted to Elliot McPhee.
He’s emotionally unavailable.
He’s in his mid-forties—too old for me.
He’s my employee.
He’s jaded after a disastrous divorce.
He’s leaving soon.
But he has gray eyes, and a deep velvety voice…did I mention he looks like Joshua Jackson?
I can’t resist.
It’s just a one-night stand before he leaves.
Except, things get complicated.
We’re talking two bright pink lines complicated.
Did I mention he has no desire to commit?
So, we agree not to try.
Except, we can’t keep our hands off each other.
Then I find out he’s not who I thought.
He’s so wrong for me. So why do I still want to create a family with him?

My Favorite Mistake

USA TODAY Bestselling Author Claudia Burgoa brings us a brand new hockey romance about missed opportunities, accidental weddings, and found family.

What happens in Vegas might go viral!
The first time I metCaspian Spearman, we had the perfect night.
The second time, I was on the arm of his biggest rival.
The third night… was a string of mistakes.
Don’t believe me?
Let’s do a play-by-play—or mistake by mistake.
1. I surprised my boyfriend in Vegas.
2. I didn’t kill him when I caught him sleeping with his best friend.
3. I went to the bar where I bumped into Cas.
4. We had a few tequila shots for old times’ sake.
5. Like the last time, we ended up in bed…but it doesn’t end there.

According to the internet I’m married to the hot, arrogant, womanizer captain of the Portland Orcas.
It’s all over social media—in case we need proof.
Even my mother watched the blissful event—kill me now.
He can’t afford the bad PR.
I can’t deal with Mom’s, I told you so.
So, we agree to stay married.
At least until the end of next season.
And in the meantime, we’ll enjoy our off-the-charts chemistry.
The benefits of being married, he says.
What can go wrong?
After all, it’s only sex.

Christmas in Paradise Bay

USA Today bestselling author Claudia Burgoa brings a delightful, festive novella.

Spend this holiday season with the Spearman family in Paradise Bay. This is a quick read where you can catch up with old friends and maybe learn a secret or two.

The Way of Us

USA Today Bestselling Author Claudia Burgoa delivers an emotional, slow-burn, friends-to-lovers, fake relationship, accidental pregnancy romance you don’t want to miss.

Sometimes you have to stop planning and live in the moment.
What do you do when your grandma wants to set you up on a date?
You fake it. Simple.
At least, that’s what I thought ten years ago.
It was a little lie: I’m dating Heathcliff Spearman.
Tall, dark, and incredibly handsome Heath Spearman.
My best friend.
I never thought things would get out of hand.
But things snowballed, and my grandparents think he’s my fiancé.
They say some moments can change your life forever. Five happened to me in less than two months.
My grandparents threaten to visit me.
Heath offers to play the role of my fake fiancé.
We kiss—the kind of kiss that takes your breath away.
The lines between us blur. We go from friends to friends-with-benefits.

The word positive appears on the pregnancy test.
I’m positively screwed.
Have I mentioned Heath doesn’t want children or a family?
Oh, and of course, my grandparents caught the lie…
What am I supposed to do now?

Meant For Me

USA Today bestselling author Claudia Burgoa brings an enemies-to-lovers romance where the billionaire grump can’t help but fall for Ms. Sunshine.

I never thought I’d be the proud owner of a quaint small-town bookstore, but life has a funny way of surprising us.
With my virtual BFF’s encouragement to seize the day and follow my heart.
I say goodbye to my corporate job and say hello to my new adventure.
Until I meet the town’s grumpy billionaire, Huxley Spearman.
He’s every woman’s dream.
Tall, devastatingly handsome…
But annoyingly arrogant.
And if making a new enemy isn’t enough, there’s more:
My long-lost Mother might be alive.
This bookstore is the money pit.
My checking account is in shambles.
My online friend wants to be more than my virtual crush.
And, somehow, I‘m falling for two different men.
Can love truly grow from a virtual connection? Or will a rough-around-the-edges man steal my heart?

Finally Found You

From USA Today bestselling author Claudia Burgoa comes, a new secret baby forbidden love romance, featuring a broody billionaire and a much younger sassy heroine he never saw coming.

Being the single guardian for my fifteen-year-old cousin isn’t as easy as you’d think, especially when she runs away to find the dad, who has no idea she exists.
Lysander Spearman is broody, protective, and not at all who I should be falling for.
We’re nothing alike.
He’s got money in the bank, and I’m trying to make ends meet.
He’s much too old for me, and I hate his guts.
He’s quiet, and I can’t keep my mouth shut.
But when he shows up for his daughter.
When I see him care.
When he takes charge—I can’t stop my heart from flipping.
He’s offering me security that I’ve never dared to dream about.
When his lips touch mine, I know I’m done for.
I just hope he doesn’t break our hearts.

Where We Belong

From USA Today bestselling author Claudia Burgoa comes a best friend’s little sister, single dad romance featuring a hot doctor and his sweet little daughter.

I’ve been in love with Benedict Farrow since I was fourteen years old.
He’s my older brother’s best friend.
One night we almost crossed that line.
One night I almost got everything I wanted.
Now he’s moved back to our small town—a hot single dad with a daughter.
But I have finally moved on. I have a boyfriend who I actually like.
I let Benedict go—Didn’t I?
Hot, arrogant, confident Dr. Benedict Farrow is out of my life.
At least, I think he is.
But when he makes me laugh, I wonder if I ever got over him.
There’s no one who knows me better than him.
How can someone I loved so much cause me so much pain now?
If we went there again, it would ruin everything.