Kentbury Tales Series

Christmas in Kentbury

From USA Today bestselling author Claudia Burgoa comes holiday single dad, best friends romance.


I spent all my life being in love with Landon Miller.

I’m tired of pretending to be immune to that wide jaw, taut body, and woodsy scent. 

Am I in love with him?

Sure, but he’s happy being a single dad and treating me like one of the guys. 

Me on the other hand… 

I’m getting ready to leave Kentbury for a new life.

A fresh start: it’s my Christmas present to myself.

That is until my best friend and his adorable daughter decide that they can’t let me go…


Now I have to choose between a new promising life and the two people I’ve been yearning for my entire life.


Fall in Kentbury

USA Today bestselling author Claudia Burgoa invites you back to the small town of Kentbury with this swoony novella where frenemies become lovers and the failed one-night stands might last for more than a season.



Everything is falling apart.

I just got fired—by my father.

My boyfriend decided I wasn’t good enough—during my Grandma’s funeral.

That hot guy I met at the bar—I didn’t get one kiss from him.

All I have left is to start a new life.


But before I embark into the unknown, I head to Kentbury. 

Someone has to warn my paternal grandmother that her son wants to leave her destitute.

And who do I find instead?

Tall, hot, and delicious Bishop Harris.

My failed one-night stand.


He’s trying to run me out of town.

But between the autumn festivals, apple picking, and hard cider, things get a lot more interesting

I go from trying to avoid the small town to wondering if I can spend more than Fall in Kentbury.

Love in Kentbury

From USA Today bestselling author Claudia Burgoa comes a brand new Kentbury novella where the grumpy recluse might meet his match. Except, that’s his best friend’s little sister who’s way out of his league.


Up until a year ago, I had everything going for me.

A husband, children . . . the best apartment in SOHO.

Everything was great until a business deal went wrong and I was no longer useful.

I lost everything, including custody of my kids.

My father disowned me, just like my sister before me.

Fortunately, one of my brothers took me into his home.

I’m picking up the pieces, learning to handle my grandmother’s bakery…

And dealing with my brother’s best friend.

Henrik Tremblay is grumpy, infuriating, and too handsome for my broken heart.

It’s impossible to avoid him in this small town.

And when my grandmother pushes us to organize the annual love festival. . . I get the feeling only one of us will come out of this alive.

Let the mind games begin.

Summer in Kentbury

From USA Today bestselling author Claudia Burgoa comes the fourth novella in the Kentbury Tales series.