Dirty Secret Love

From USA Today bestselling author Claudia Burgoa comes an angsty, fake-fiance, opposites attract, secret billionaire romance.

What do you do when you’re tired of being the loser? 

You make up the perfect fiancé, of course.

I know it sounds desperate, but hear me out. 

In my family, everyone is someone. 

But me? I’m just a small-town librarian with no prospects and no future.

At every family reunion, my older sister reminds me of that fact.

So when she announced her own upcoming nuptials, I knew I had to act fast. I needed a fake fiancé to bring to the wedding and prove that I was happy and successful too.

Enter River Kershaw, the town playboy. 

My bestie Wren suggested him, and I was hesitant at first. 

He’s the complete opposite of me: a charming extrovert.

But I can’t deny that he’s tall, strong, and hot.

I know it’s a risk, but I’m determined to show my family that I’m just as happy and in love as they are. Even if that means pretending to be with someone who’s totally not my type.

I’m ready to give the performance of a lifetime.

Dirty Secret Love is the second book in the Heartwood Lake Secret Billionaire Series—an emotional rollercoaster of a journey that combines the intense drama of Succession and the hilarity of Schitt’s Creek. A must-read.