Finally, I’ve got a chance to prove I belong undercover, not riding a support desk. Or making babies to please my abuela. My job is to save the babies. The children disappearing down NYC’s human trafficking rathole.


I’ll use any legal connection to do it. My horoscope warned me no to give in to blind impulse, but god help me, Harrison Everhart makes me want to close my eyes and leap. That would be the biggest mistake of my career. Maybe my life.




I work the kind of high-intelligence security that bends the law forward, backward, and sideways to let New Yorkers live in blissful ignorance. But maybe it’s time for some remedial training, because one minute, Luna Galvez is lighting up my darkness with her angel eyes.


The next, she’s kicking my ass.


Skills like hers are wasted in the FBI. Whether she likes it or not, from now on, we’re partners. Because after my ex-Ranger brothers and I help her nail the bad guys, I’m putting her on the payroll. And by my side—forever.