Betting on Love

USA TODAY Bestselling Author Claudia Burgoa writes a high-stakes Vegas marriage where “I does” becomes “I don’t…” and back again.

Running off to Vegas together was a gamble, but the real risk is fighting chemistry.

Eleven years we made a bet.

We were in the City of Sin for my brother’s birthday party.

I was eighteen—Seth Bradley was twenty-one. 

We always had fun together. Why not having fun in Vegas. 

We bet. 

We played. 

We kissed…somehow ended up married.

Once we got back home, my life started to spiral. I left town after my parents broke up, and Seth moved on.

Well, as much as you can move on from your husband. Ten years later, Seth calls me. 

He wants the divorce. 

He’s met his dream girl. I’m willing to cut him off his leash.

But once we’re alone and in the same room, sparks begin to fly, just like they did years ago.

The witty banter between us is still alive. 

There’s a chance Seth and I could work things out, but the odds aren’t in my favor.

Even so, I’m about to roll the dice.