Almost Strangers + Strangers in Love

Jace was my first. My first kiss. My first love, my first EVERYTHING… and my first broken heart.

USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR Claudia Burgoa finishes an emotional rockstar romance duet where second chances between soulmates could make the difference between love and loss.

The Somehow Everlasting Duet is based on Jacob Decker and Pria Walker’s story. Part of this duet was released as Uncharted.

This is a duet that must be read in order.

  • Virgin romance 
  • Rock star romance 
  • Bad boy/playboy 
  • Soulmates to enemies to… lovers?
  • Twists and surprises and curveballs –
  • Years-spanning saga of missed connections and chance encounters
  • A complicated family 
  • High highs and low lows. This book will wring you out!
  • “Fate keeps bringing us together” – 

“Why are we doing this?” my brother, Matt, asks.

I swear, sometimes I wonder why my parents couldn’t have just had one child—me. I like being a triplet. I love my brother and sister, but they can be annoying. “What are you talking about?”

Matt waves a list in front of me as we head to the bookstore. “We could just order books and have them delivered to our place.”

“We could, but if we’re going to do this college shit, I want to have the whole experience, including the campus bookstore.”

He groans. “Think about the hours of sleep I’ve missed already.”

This isn’t going to work. Moments like this make me wonder if we made the right decision about going to UW instead of following our little sister, Ainsley, to Austin, Texas. Ainse would help with Matthew. For some reason I’ll never understand, she can get through to him easier than anyone in the family. And while she’s babysitting him, well, maybe she could take care of me too. 

She’d clean, I’d help her cook, and most importantly, we wouldn’t be miles apart.

I will never admit this to her, but I miss my sister. We’ve gone months without her because of summer camps or vacations, but this is a totally different ball game. This time, she’s going to be far away for years. She plans on studying too many degrees for me to keep track of them.

Matthew and I tried to persuade her not to go to Texas. We even agreed to follow her to any music school that accepted her, but she declined all of them.

Who the fuck says no to Julliard?

Ainsley stubborn Decker.

When my brother and I discussed our options, Seattle won. Our parents own an apartment they’re letting us use, we have access to the recording studios, and Papa visits Seattle often. At least we’ll get to see him, unlike my sister. 

That’s the price we pay for having famous parents who’ve been hiding their relationship for thirty years. Unlike Ainsley, I understand why they do it. Two men dating in the eighties was scandalous. Dad, better known as Gabe Colt, is a famous actor, producer, and director. He’s almost as famous as Brad Pitt but better looking. Chris Decker was the front man and guitarist of Dreadful Souls. The band was almost as famous as The Rolling Stones. We know him better as Papa.

If they came out when they got together, their careers would’ve suffered, and we would’ve been on the front of every tabloid.

I could just imagine what they’d say. The triplets of Chris Decker and Gabe Colt, are they even their children? Are the children abused? People just trash what they don’t know or understand. 

Maybe someday, they’ll come out of the closet and recognize us. In the meantime, they keep their distance from us in public. Hence, why they don’t plan to visit Ainsley—it’s too risky. A part of our daily life is living in the shadows because of their fame. 

“We’ll go in and out, Matt.” I push on the glass door, and as we enter, we both stop in our tracks. The entire place is jam-packed. This is the world, karma, or destiny telling us that we made a bad choice. We should find a way to move in with the princess. She’d give us a schedule and keep us organized. 

Without her, I have to create my own plan to get things done. I point toward the line of people waiting for the cashiers. “You get in line while I gather the books.”

He hunches his shoulders. Using a dreadful voice he says, “Can we come back at a better time?” 

“No.” I fight the urge to slap him in the back of his head for behaving like a child. “Your job is to stand in line.”

I hurry through the mass of college students, gather the books on the list, and head back to where Matt waits.

“Here, carry your own shit.” I hand him half the stack and keep the other half. 

“Why buy two of each?” That’s a rich question coming from the guy who has issues sharing his toys, drums, guitar, or any other object he owns.

“For the same reason our parents always bought two or three of each.” 

He gives me a hooded glare. 

I shrug. “You have trouble sharing and making decisions on what you want to do. This is college, not home.”

He shakes his head, rolling his eyes in exasperation. The mane of dreadlocks dangles along his face. “Dude, I’m not a child anymore. We’ll take one set and save some of that money they gave us.”

I hang my head without uttering a word. The outfit he wears screams party. I’m here for the beer, the sex, and whatever else they throw my way.

“Humor me, Matt. Let’s get both sets.”

It’s not like I’m here to just study. I plan on having fun, too, because all work and no fun isn’t my game. However, he’s all fun and little work when our parents aren’t around. Just one reason why I’m hauling his ass through the bookstore. The main reason is because I have no fucking idea what I would do without him. 

This dude and I have never been apart. 


And the thought of that happening this soon scares the shit out of me. Unlike Ainsley, I’m not ready to face the real world without him. One day we’ll do it, but not yet.

He gives me a lazy look. “As long as you do my homework, you can buy as many books as you want.” 

I slam a hand on my forehead. That had been a stupid promise. He wanted to be an English major—a useless degree that would take too long and would be a waste of our time. We’re just here to fill our parents’ requirement—finish college. After that, we’re pursuing a career in music. We already have a band, Without A Compass

Kevin and Asher are patiently waiting for us. In the meantime, they’re working for Dad. If we don’t graduate quickly, they’re going to find another band and move on with their lives. This summer, Papa let us release a couple of EPs and tour with some of the bands he works with. We have a small fan base, and I hope that at the end of the semester, we can ask Dad to let us take a break, work for a year, and then finish school. 

But that will only work if we have good grades and Matt does more than sleep and party. Which is why I promised to help him study, do his assignments, and be his personal butler for the first semester. 

As far as I’m concerned, in a couple of years, we’ll be as famous as Papa.

“One semester,” I remind Matt.

“That’s almost six months too long,” he complains. 

“It’s not, do the math. We have a weekend off in September. That makes it only three weeks. Then it’s fall break, mid-terms, Thanksgiving week, and the first week of December, then we’re free. We’re talking three months tops.”

He rolls his eyes, exasperated. “I’m not stupid, I—”

I lift a finger as if asking him to hold that thought. There’s a soft, sweet voice coming from behind us that makes my ears tingle. “No, Mom. I’m telling the truth.”

When I turn around, I find a black curtain of curls covering her face. She holds a bunch of old books; I’m guessing from the rent-a-book section. She’s staring at the floor. When I clear my throat, trying to grab her attention, she doesn’t move. However, I spot a phone by her ear. 

Oops, sorry, I mouth. Still, no reaction. 

I stare at her outfit. White Hello Kitty sweatshirt, plaid skirt covering only a part of her tanned legs, and the fun, pink Converse sneakers she’s wearing. 

It’s time to implement some of those moves I keep in reserve to lure in a girl. Not that I’ve used them often. It’s hard when I live in a secluded house where the only people around are my family and the security team. 

So really, everything is theory. If only I had flirted with girls while we toured. However, Papa traveled with us and used his hawk-like vision to steer us away from trouble. The two times he was unable to join, he sent his trusted friend and bodyguard, Arthur Bradley. Unlike the other bands, once we finished playing, we were escorted straight out of the venue. 

College is the opportunity to expand my horizons, get acquainted with the opposite sex, and have sex. 

My brother elbows me, giving me a warning glare. Choosing to ignore him is a no-brainer. With a beauty like this, I couldn’t have picked a better first college fling if I’d tried.