Against all odds Series

Wrong Text, Right Love

Mistaken identity, drunk texts, and hysterical mishaps… just another day in my life.

Girls all over the world spill the tea to me about their most intimate questions.
They thank me for talking about sex with them.
For fixing their love lives.

I wonder if I’d still be a relationship influencer if they knew what a train wreck my own love life is?

If I was writing anyone else advice, it would say things like:
Never drunk-text your ex-boyfriend.
No, seriously, that’s a terrible idea.
But if you insist, maybe double-check the number first.


But I guess I give good…text, because the stranger I messaged wrote back.
And I responded.
He doesn’t have to put up with my colorful personality—as my hot next-door neighbor describes me. Or my messy schedule.
This relationship is as seemingly perfect as my online persona.

Until we agree to meet up.
When he meets the real me, will he hate me forever?
Or will we be one day telling our grandkids about that wrong text, right love?

Didn't Expect You

USA Today Bestselling author Claudia Burgoa brings you a fresh romantic comedy filled with an unexpected surprise, a wicked billionaire, and plenty of laughs.

The right life is the one you never see coming.

I had it all. The luxury apartment, hot dates, and the big office to go with long nights at the office.
Life was perfect.
But after a one-night stand, two little lines on a pregnancy test, and three lost legal cases later…
Well, overnight I went from career lawyer to single mom.

It’s okay, I can do it. I’m ready to face this alone until…

Along comes Nathaniel Chadwick. Billionaire adrenaline junky. Everyone’s favorite playboy… and my sister’s brother-in-law.
He’s as hot as he is jaded. When it comes to relationships and family, he’d rather jump off a cliff.
I wrote him off long ago, except since he learned about the baby he’s been by my side.

Is it pregnancy hormones or is there something real happening between us?
I didn’t expect any of this…most of all him.

Love Like Her

USA TODAY Bestselling Author Claudia Burgoa charms readers in this romantic comedy that’s whimsical and fun.

Eros and I met at JFK years ago while trying to catch two different planes.
We had an instant connection that was too powerful to deny.
Love happened, and we hooked up.
After our crazy romp, we agreed we couldn’t be together.
We live too far away to make it work.
Yet ever since, destiny has brought us together.
Our paths have crossed so many times it’s obvious fate has intervened in our lives.
But there’s always something else—or someone else—getting in the way.
Until now.
I’m hired to plan the wedding of Eros’ best friend, Misty.
He thought Misty was the one who got away… until I walked in.
Will circumstances push us apart again?
Or is it the perfect time… maybe… for us to finally admit the truth?

Until Next Time

It’s official. I’m totally hopeless at love, parenting and life.

Single mom? Check.
Massive debt? Check.
A sassy daughter who inherited my gift of snark?
Ugh. Check.
And if I find out who gave her the idea to call into a relationship podcast and tell the world about my disastrous situation, they’ll regret it.
And as if it wasn’t enough for the world to know… my brother’s best friend was also listening.
I had a huge crush on Zach in high school.
Now, I work three jobs, I’m back in school, and doing my best to be in my traitorous kid’s life.
Men are the last thing on my mind. I wouldn’t have time to look at a man even if he fell into my lap.
Until he does.
Zach tragically lost his wife some time ago, and now, he’s looking to save everyone—including me.
A super hot fling with my old flame, with a broken man? Check.
Falling for him: my most hopeless situation yet? Double check.

Something Like Love

USA TODAY Bestselling Author Claudia Burgoa pens a fun and sexy romantic comedy where playing pretend turns to playing for keeps…

We have to pretend that what we have is something like love…
I’m down on my luck.
Scratch that.
This is the worst week of my life.
Enter the last person I want to deal with: Burke St. James.
He’s wealthy.
He’s a womanizer.
And a big liar.
And it turns out we need each other.
Burke needs a fiancée to seal the deal of a lifetime.
I need help or my business is going belly-up.
So, Burke very non-romantically asks me to marry him.
Well, he asks me to be fake engaged to him, anyway.
I’ll attend a few dinners, pretend I’m in love, and meet the family.
In exchange, he’ll let me stay in his house, invest in my company, and help me launch it off the ground.
All is easy, except his kisses feel more real than they should.
And the sex…damn, we’re not supposed to have sex.
It’s all for show…right?
Did I mention he’s a really good liar?
Pretending not to fall in love is more complicated than I thought.

Accidentally In Love

From USA Today bestselling author Claudia Burgoa comes a new best friend’s sister, forbidden romance filled with humor and angsty at times.

It all started on a dating app and a fake name.
Instead of a hot hook-up, I end up face-to-face with Kingston St. James.
He’s one of the most striking and wealthy men in Seattle—as well as my brother’s best friend. Logic dictates I walk away, but curiosity wins and we follow Myka’s Easy Rules for Healthy Hookups:
Rule #1: Don’t expect anything.
Rule #2: Never wish for more.
Rule #3: Don’t swoon.
Rule #4: Don’t give endearing nicknames to your hookup.
Rule #5: Don’t be possessive, your hookup doesn’t belong to you.
Confession time: I’m making up the rules as we go.
And surprise, surprise, this casual fling rapidly evolves into a friend-with-pretty-weird-benefits (and not the sexy kind).
Kingston is suddenly breaking the hookup rules.
He’s all charm and affection, turning possessive and… probably hoping for more than just a fling.
We accidentally find ourselves tangled in something more than just a fling.
It’s something dangerously close to love.
We might be heading into a collision where the most beautiful accident or the most disastrous end might happen

Forget About Love

USA TODAY Bestselling Author Claudia Burgoa brings book 7 of the Against All Odds Series.

Waiting For Love

USA TODAY Bestselling Author Claudia Burgoa brings book 8 of the Against All Odds Series.